The theme for the 2017 Southeastern Conference on Historic Sites Archaeology is “The Archaeology of Transportation”.   Whether through travel by path, plank, or paved road, on rails, over water, or by air, transportation has historically played, and continues to play, a vital role for the movement of people, their cultural practices, as well as material goods. Presentations related to any historic aspects of transportation are especially encouraged, as well as on industrial archaeology, the distribution of locally and commercially produced goods, and the establishment of transportation buildings or settlements, such as Spencer. However, presentations on all forms of current research in historical archaeology are welcome.

If you plan to give a 15-minute presentation or bring a poster to display, registration forms and abstracts are due by Monday, July 31. Thematic sessions are welcomed, but all registrations forms and abstracts for the session must be grouped together and emailed to Payment may be made by check or through the PayPal link.

If you have any questions regarding a potential paper, session, or on registration in general, please contact us at .